Batik Air Business Class Perth to Denpasar (PER-DPS) Airbus A320 with Sharklets

Being the airline geek that I am, it is imperative that I give every airline a try.  Batik Air are not aligned with any frequent flyer or loyalty partners, apart from their own, Batik Miles which is a very basic product.

I would normally travel with Jetstar to Bali, as most of you know, I am a loyal Qantas supporter.  Economy with Jetstar was more expensive than business class with Batik, so it really was a no brainer.

Check in at the Perth airport was quick and easy.

Batik Air does not allow you to check in online yet (this was the inaugural flight), so everyone including business class had to join the queue at the PER international airport for check in.

Batik Air is part of the Lion Group of Companies, (I gasped when I found out they also own Malindo Air) however with their business promo sale for only AUD$150 return more than the economy fare, I booked straight away.

The cabin was completely separated by a wall and the configuration was 2:2 with 3 rows of seats.  In total, there where 3 of us sitting in business.

Seats are not lie flat with a pitch similar to domestic at 45 inches.

My first impressions where “This is actually really roomy, modern and comfortable for the extra money”.  I was pretty stoked.  I mean it’s very standard for international business class, however for a 3.5 hour flight, it was just perfect.

I was greeted by my surname and offered a glass of water or juice as soon as I was seated, which I took. (green juice)  I was also given roasted cashews and a hot towel.

Inflight entertainment is provided via fold-up screens at each business class seat, with AC and USB charging ports at-hand just below the drinks tray.

The system was basic with an offering of 3 or 4 english movies (fairly newish like JOY and THE REVENANT) and then another 4 or so in other languages (mostly Indonesian).  Chess, backgammon and puzzles where available also.  Just enough to keep you occupied during the flight.

At meal time, approximately 1 hour into the flight, we where given the choice of having chicken penne napoli or chicken and rice.  Here is a photo of the chicken and rice from their website.

I ordered the chicken penne with napoli sauce which was quite sweet, but overall not too bad.  I was also offered a drink (not alcoholic) and asked for cola with ice. (Pepsi)  Again, I thought the meal service was satisfactory for the price I paid and the length of the flight.  The overall cabin service was fine, no problems with language or any requests, which made for an enjoyable trip.

I would definitely fly with Batik Air again.

Mr rating for Batik Air Business Class service onboard their A320 from Perth – Denpasar is: 4.5 out of a maximum 6 points.





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