Happy holidays everyone!

My Next trip is in the works.. Sorry everyone, I havent posted for some time as I’ve been inundated with my other 2 jobs over this festive season (Bottle-shop attendant and carer/minder) which has been taking all my time lately – lots of sales and family stuff to do.  I’m working some big hours, but love my blog and my followers – keen to help in any way I can..! 🙂

Meanwhile, I’m avidly planning my RTW (Round The World) journey for next year, as Ive had bonus Qantas points accruing for a year now, which I plan on utilising for my business trip with Qantas (and the one world alliance).

I have so much to organise – but this comes naturally to me, and I enjoy doing this, as I’ve spent over 10 years working and managing travel agencies and working in the back office for Qantas.  I understand how the airlines work,  as I’ve worked in yield management (allocation and roll out of promotional seats), reservations and international ticketing and frequent flyer.

So… over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be keeping you updated on my intended itinerary and tricks and hacks, to get the absolute best value out of my points for business class around the world with Qantas.  I want to show you how easy this is to do, with the absolute minimum points.

Speak soon hombres!  Jamie Mansfield aka jamijet





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