IHG Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach

Memories last forever, especially at Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach.

From the grand entrance to the property, with an eye-opening lobby area, local artisan immersion and open-air ambience – I was pleasantly surprised as I arrived and was quickly yet securely processed through a team of pleasant security team members who thoroughly checked our vehicle. 

A security team upon arrival is something that always puts me at ease and shows the lengths the property will go to ensure a safe stay at my luxury accommodation. 

While most properties have security teams combing the vehicles at the front entrance, some properties are more relaxed and less vigilant, with vehicle inspections either not done or barely checked. Glad to say they did the security checks well when I hit this vibrant neighborhood in Seminyak! A great start to my experience at Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach. 

First impressions of luxurious and vibrant Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach

I was blown away with first impressions as I entered the massive beachfront property, conveniently located at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac just a short stroll away from all the hustle and bustle of central Seminyak. 

I have never experienced a Hotel Indigo by IHG property and wasn’t sure what to expect. Still, the fear of the unknown was overshadowed by courteous and welcoming staff, an immersive and extremely friendly array of local artisans’ works proudly displayed in the foyer. The moment I stepped into the foyer, an overall feeling of warmth shined as I received generous greetings from the reception staff, including the porters and concierge.

Ushered up the stairs with a warm greeting by a neighbourhood host (staff), I was handed a baggage tag, and my luggage was promptly delivered to my room with another warm and welcoming smile from Hotel Indigo team members!

The welcome from the front office team was exceptional, and the loyalty recognition was superb. I received an upgrade to a lovely suite overlooking the pool and opened my suite door to a room that was fresh, clean, and spacious with every amenity you could wish for!  

Decadently appointed rooms with space and a prestigious fit-out 

They have put extra effort into the rooms at Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach, spacious and grand, the feeling of prestige and happiness oozes from every fine detail.

Fitted with luxurious linens and plenty of high-end pillows, the bed was heavenly with fresh white sheets, European and goose down pillows paired with quality lighting with all master switches easily accessible at the side of the bed. In addition, they also have an extensive and dreamy pillow menu to ensure you can rest with your most preferred style of pillow.

Equipped with intuitive and responsive air conditioning, the room was set to a perfect temperature with an easy interface and eco-conscious automatic system which cuts out by a sensor when you open the balcony door to prevent condensation build-up and saves on energy while you relax on the balcony.

While the Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach property is plentiful and large, it doesn’t feel impersonal or out of reach. The feeling of warmth and intimacy was an overarching feeling while staying at the property.

Room service, or “home delivery” as they call it at Hotel Indigo, was terrific and one of the highlights of my stay, with the Makase staff, notably Eka Sanjaya going out of their way to impress at every turn. The sincerity of the staff and the genuine nature of their travel advice to explore local landmarks was second to none. Bali has a special attention to detail that I’ve always admired when it comes to hospitality, and the vibrant, professional, and caring service standards within the hotel enhanced my overall experience.

An extraordinary level of care we’ve learnt to expect at an IHG property

Hotel Indigo staff are well versed with rich and engaging local stories and suggestions, ready to curate a tailored local experience just for you. Nothing is ever too much trouble, and if you are one to explore the local area, you’re in good hands when seeking travel advice from the Hotel Indigo neighborhood host. 

From the telephone operators to the exemplary food and beverage service, I was made to feel like a king, and it was evident that all guests were receiving this extraordinary level of care throughout their stay.   

Piping hot food in generous portions served with extraordinary care 

Absolutely delicious local and international cuisine, all served promptly in groovy stackable stoneware bowls to your room, made the in-room dining experience something to remember. 

Serviced piping hot and in generous portions, meals with fantastic value for money. I enjoyed every meal served from the Makase Kitchen, which was the epicenter for casual rustic all day dining and was swept up in their clever “proper meal” motto – providing endless options to make sure you are eating well.

Dining options allowed for a wide selection of western and Indonesian cuisines, from the Bali staples of nasi or mie goreng, sate, healthy and inspiring salads, burrata/stracciatella, homemade pasta, hand stretched pizzas, and an excellent children’s offering. 

Diners will enjoy a wide range of share-styled meals, including corn fritters, croffle and cheese (heirloom tomato and pesto salad with burrata), soups, main plates such as crispy black bean beef, sides plus a delectable dessert menu – don’t miss the brownie ice cream sandwich with vanilla ice cream and berry sauce, my favourite!

Breakfast is available at Makase or their signature beachfront dining venue – SugarSand. The latter became my go-to for the duration of my stay, thanks to the a la carte options and fine dining style menu options cooked to order.  Big kudos to Arya Lantara, the SugarSand manager for his brilliant team leadership, humor, and acknowledgement.

Whether you prefer pancakes stacked with seasonal fruit, compote and caramel drizzle, caramelized banana and whipped cream, fresh fruit platters of watermelon, strawberry, pineapple, and papaya with fresh lime – every dish imaginable will be available to suit your morning culinary desires.

As soon as you are seated, the staff welcome you and make you feel at ease, offering coffee, fresh juice and Jamu shots – my favourite morning well-being drink, usually turmeric or ginger based. Coffee is brought to your table with a delicious crema and served at the perfect temperature – overall, a brilliant start to the morning!

The staff are the standout at Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach

Huge shout out to the fabulous staff at SugarSand, Mei, Vania, Anggi, Mery, Surya, Ketut, Redream, Bayu, Krisna and Riska. Your service will be remembered forever, and the efforts these staff displayed in making my breakfasts memorable was the icing on the cake! SugarSand overlooks the beach adjacent to a pool and loungers for those who prefer to have a breakfast by the pool. 

The level of service and culture is incredibly gracious and accommodating, and this stems from the wonderful General Manager Andreas Bergel’s approach and attitude. Andreas presents an articulate and experienced team which is well-oiled and on par with the best! It really does show with his staff throughout the hotel, who all respect and enjoy working with this trailblazing hotel manager.  

Special mention should also be made to Hotel Manager extraordinaire Eka Jaya, a
local Balinese who started out as a butler and has moved up the ranks to become a
an esteemed Hotel Manager offering the sort of service you could only expect from a 5-star establishment. Eka is one of the greatest assets to the property, always adding those special touches that create a magical experience for guests.

In additional Ditya, Luiz and Dharma from the super supportive room service team went above and beyond for me during my start arranging home deliveries to my suite for anything I desired.

The pool and wet areas are delightful, with plenty of options available to sunbake, read or dine around the main pool, or if you prefer, there is a more secluded pool area with cabanas next door to the main dining area. (The secret pool)

Waterfalls, various bars, and an explosion of brilliant cultures were a delight to the senses during my stay at Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach. 

The Sava Spa is heavenly and one of the best massages I have ever had. From the elegant setting just across from the lobby area, this hidden underground spa facility is worth the visit. 

It’s not cheap by Bali standards; however, I felt that the money was justified after my 90-minute Balinese massage, which melted my tension, stress, and muscle knots back to “fully functioning” and immediately put me into a different frame of mind after my session.

Overall impression of Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach

Having never stayed at a Hotel Indigo, my overall impression of Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach was that the property landed in the higher luxury bracket. My stay was wonderful, and the property is without a doubt on my top places to stay in Seminyak. If you are visiting Seminyak, the Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach is a must-stay destination for those looking for a luxe stay in a globally respected hotel group that raises the bar for customer service, food and beverage and luxury accommodation.

Rating is 5.7/6 stars

About The Author

Jamie Mansfield is a corporate travel professional and travel packaging specialist with experience in supervising and training staff in global 5-star resorts and hotels. With a decade of experience working and visiting some of the finest establishments around the world, particularly in Asia, Jamie has become an expert in all aspects of luxury accommodation and an expert in quality improvement initiatives. 

Owner and operator of Suite Retreats, a luxury accommodation package specialist based in Western Australia, Jamie travels to Indonesia regularly to provide packaging specialist services to 5-star resorts and accommodation venues and is regularly engaged to assist hotels and services enhance their client experience.