Unveiling the Serene Oasis: Como Shambhala in Ubud

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Ubud, Bali, Como Shambhala is a sanctuary that promises to take you on a transformational journey of wellness and relaxation. From the moment you step foot into this exquisite retreat, you’ll be captivated by its serene ambience, rejuvenating activities, and holistic approach to well-being. Join us as we delve into the enchanting world of Como Shambhala, where tranquillity and rejuvenation go hand in hand.

The Ultimate Escape

Como Shambhala offers the perfect escape from the chaos of everyday life. Tucked away in the lush jungles of Ubud, this haven is designed to create a sense of peace and serenity. Surrounded by emerald green rice terraces, cascading waterfalls, and pristine rivers, the resort immerses guests in nature’s embrace. The harmonious blend of luxurious accommodations, stunning views, and tranquil ambience make Como Shambhala a truly divine retreat.

Holistic Wellness

At Como Shambhala, the focus is not only on pampering the body but also on nurturing the mind and soul. The resort’s holistic wellness approach encompasses a range of activities, including yoga sessions, meditation classes, and personalized wellness programs. Certified instructors guide guests through ancient practices that promote mindfulness, clarity, and inner harmony. Whether you’re a yoga enthusiast or a beginner seeking inner peace, Como Shambhala will help you discover the transformative power of holistic wellness.

Healthy Cuisine

Nourishing the body is an essential part of the Como Shambhala experience. The resort boasts a world-class dining experience that delights the senses with its healthy and delectable cuisine. The menu is carefully crafted to encompass organic and locally sourced ingredients, ensuring a wholesome and flavorful culinary journey. Each dish is thoughtfully prepared to satisfy both the palate and the body, catering to different dietary preferences and requirements. Savoring a meal at Como Shambhala is not only a treat for the taste buds but also a celebration of nourishing your body from within.

Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Unwind and rejuvenate amidst the blissful surroundings of Como Shambhala’s spa and wellness facilities. Indulge in a variety of therapeutic treatments and ancient healing practices inspired by local traditions. From rejuvenating massages to invigorating body scrubs, the spa rituals are designed to revitalize the mind, body, and spirit. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the open-air pavilions surrounded by lush greenery and let the skilled therapists transport you to a realm of pure relaxation.


Como Shambhala in Ubud presents a truly transformative experience for those seeking a sanctuary of serenity and well-being. From the captivating landscapes to the holistic wellness programs, every aspect of this retreat is carefully curated to promote harmony and rejuvenation. Whether you’re in search of inner peace, a wellness retreat, or simply a place to connect with nature, Como Shambhala will leave you feeling replenished and revitalized. Embark on a journey that reconnects your mind, body, and soul amidst the enchanting beauty of Ubud’s lush landscapes.

Rating is 5.7/6 stars

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